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*Last Updated on January 31,2016

Quality Focus

To stay ahead of a very competitive market scenario, WWIL has endeavored to become a market leader by meeting customer expectations through quality. It has strived not only to achieve but also exceed the expectations of the customers through Customer Delight.

We have established and implemented Total Quality Management, a way of not just assuring product or service quality - it is way of managing people and business processes, to ensure complete customer satisfaction at every stage, both internally and externally.

Our belief in achieving the FTR (First Time Right) is by focusing on defect prevention, rather than detection and rectification.

Beyond this our effort is to reach the apex of quality, by continually improving systems and processes through adoption of advanced quality tools & methodologies:


This journey was initiated in 2007, with the objective of reducing variations in process efficiency. Over 15 projects in different areas have been completed till date.

Today, we have 5 Certified Black belts, 35 Green Belts and 50 Yellow Belts.


This was initiated in 2010 and focuses on identifying and eliminating waste in all areas. One project has already been undertaken on the 'lean concept'


Supplier Technical Assistance: This comprises providing technical assistance to vendors during product development; and upgrading infrastructure and process at the vendor end, to get the best quality products.

Supplier Quality Audit: This is done to ensure the supplier has an effective quality system based on built-in quality, continuous improvement and quality problem prevention.

Third Party Inspection: This is done at the vendor end for castings and steel parts supplied by third parties. We have deployed competent third parties for major and critical components all across the globe.

Inspection at Vendor End: This is done by inspection, monitoring, measuring and physical testing of parts at the vendor end by Wind World (India) Ltd.


This is an indicator to measure the manufacturing process performance of rotor blade manufacturing. It is also a unique concept developed by Wind World (India) Ltd., to make quality measurable.

Quality ratings are displayed on a weekly basis.