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*Last Updated on January 31,2016



Civil Infrastructure & Road Development

Prior to the setting up of wind farms, site development activities are undertaken, which are purely dependent on terrain conditions and soil strata.

While certain sites need minimum road work due to their flat and hard terrain, the extent of work required for constructing a road on a hilly terrain is huge. The best route to reach the top of the hill is first worked out.

Next, hill cutting and the road work is undertaken, to enable trailers which carry the materials and cranes, reach the point of installation. Here, aspects like gradient, width and turning radius of a road should be considered to support smooth flow of material. Proper drainage facilities are then constructed and maintained, to ensure natural flow of water without affecting the ecology.

The roads are maintained thoughout the lifetime of the project. This ensures that each and every machine is easily accessible, for the benefit of maintenance activities..