Energy Generated - 0 Million Units   Carbon Footprint Offset - 0 Million Metric Tonnes
*Last Updated on January 31,2016

Background Note

India's wind energy generation story began in 1984; obviously the country had no history of wind management. Design and operational frameworks vastly differed from then existing models in Europe and the USA, which could not be replicated here.

The first five Wind World (India) Ltd. Wind Energy Converters (WECs) were set up in Lamba, Gujarat. These test cases qualified the tropical, environmental and weak grid, from which evolved the sophistication and customer experience witnessed today.

We learnt that building reliability into the product reduced failure rate. Thus, we created a robust technical management interface that incorporated manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance to deliver a grid-friendly WEC.

Wind World (India) Ltd. Service is configured in a scientific manner with a spectrum of resources, to gain optimum performance and productivity, and to administer continual improvement throughout the lifecycle of the Wind Power Plant. Thereby, ensuring lifetime care, of our customer's investments.

The service net is woven and spread across the country, with its resources of competent manpower, optimal inventory and specialized machinery. The complete operations and maintenance activities are monitored and controlled by real time 24 x 7, asset monitoring and management system at the Corporate Headquarters.

These integrated resources provide the service crew with an opportunity to harness power against all odds and evens, thus excelling in Wind Power Plant performance management, and maintaining an availability of 98.5% plus, year on year.